Foundations Project Film

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What is the Foundations Project Film?

The Foundations Project Film explores the process of refining clay. Students from our Foundations project took clay that had been dug up from the earth and learned how to process it down into a usable material.


More about the Foundations project

Foundations is an ambitious project. It aims to make a difference in Stoke-on-Trent as children build essential skills, have fun, improve their health outcomes, celebrate and inspire others.

Foundations builds upon children’s innate curiosity in materials. It starts from their questions; Where does clay come from? Why is it cracking? How does it harden? The answers come from digging in our local areas and explore the clay beneath their feet.

Foundations workshops include:

  • Explore and Dig: Getting outside to get their hands mucky, exploring clay in areas where they spend time.
  • Test and Make: Making test tiles, exploring ideas, making objects and testing what happens when different elements are mixed together.
  • Think: Children reflect on our relationship with the earth under our feet.
  • Share: Children create films, images and information to share their discoveries with others.
  • Celebrate: Children will celebrate their discoveries within a national platform by hosting activities during British Ceramics Biennial.


Who supports Foundations

Foundations is a British Ceramics Biennial project with support from The Hubb Foundation to work with schools across Stoke-on-Trent.

Foundations receives support via ‘Curiosity‘, a collaboration between BBC Children in Need and Wellcome Trust.

Steve Milligan of Clique Mojo Productions produced The Foundations Project Film.