#SupportNewTalent Fundraising Appeal

Today, we are excited to announce our #SupportNewTalent fundraising campaign.

Our target is to raise £10,000 for a new Fresh Talent Development Programme designed to secure a better and more sustainable future for emerging artists and to help anyone, whatever their background, to build a career in contemporary ceramics.

Speaking with artists, students and industry partners, we heard a heartfelt passion for creating a more equitable future where anyone, whatever their background, can build a career in contemporary ceramics.

This feedback has shaped our Fresh Talent Development programme. The programme will use the inspiring platform of BCB 2021 to bring together new artists and more established creatives to create career-defining opportunities.

  • Talks and workshops by established artists for 300 participants
  • Tailored mentoring support and a flexible access fund for up to 20 early-career artists facing disadvantages
  • Structured networking opportunities for 50 early career artists to build relationships and grow ambitions

We need YOUR help to raise £10,000 to run the Fresh Talent Development. With your support, we will facilitate an ambitious new programme – for creatives by creatives.

Your support is invaluable and you can do this by:

We know the ceramics community is generous.

Your donation will be a catalyst for change.

Let’s #SupportNewTalent.