Dena Bagi

Health & Community Associate Researcher

Dena Bagi is a researcher and gallery-based learning designer, who works closely with community members and artists to curate clay workshops, projects and learning/play spaces. She believes passionately that working with clay can have a profound effect on ‘healing’ and health in general.

Dena has worked alongside the team at the British Ceramics Biennial since 2012, on a number of health-focused learning projects – including the 2017 Clay Pit and the ongoing ReCast project. She continues to work alongside the Biennial on her collaborative Clay Works? PhD.

Dena will produce a ‘clay pedagogy’ at the end of this research, which is aimed at gallery-based learning designers. The toolkit-like publication will aim to guide the curation of clay engagement for those in recovery – ultimately so that participants can positively affect their recovery by handling clay.

Learn more about Dena’s PhD Clay Works? research.