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Online via private livestream.
In-person at The Goods Yard, Glebe St, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 1HG.


About Weekend Artist Talks

Join us at the BCB festival weekends to meet, ask questions and hear from many of the talented artists exhibiting with us this year. The artist talks will bring energy to the BCB festival weekends and share more in-depth and behind the scenes stories about how it’s been creating work over the past several months, their careers as artists, their greatest inspirations and the artwork they have created especially for BCB 2021. The talks are available to attend in-person or via private live stream.



Saturday 18th September 

14:30-15:00 – Stephen Dixon, AWARD 2021 Exhibitor.

15:15-15:45 – Pam Su, Fresh Talent AWARD Winner 2019.

16:00-16:30 – Laura Plant, Fresh Talent AWARD Winner 2019.


Artists Involved

Stephen Dixon 

Dixon’s work operates at the intersection of art and craft, where the traditions of fine craftsmanship creatively collide with visual narrative to examine the social and political issues of our troubled times. The installation for BCB AWARD 2021 extends his engagement with the ongoing tragedy of forced migration, which was initiated in the BCB 2017 project Refugee Tales. This new work, Transient: the ship of dreams and nightmares, will compare the contemporary migration routes of refugees and asylum seekers with the historic migration of tin-glazed ceramics from the Middle East through Europe to the UK, through the materiality of maiolica.

Stephen Dixon website link.


Pam Su 

Fresh Talent Resident Artist Pam Su is an American artist working in sculptural ceramics based in London. Su draws from her background in film studies and attempts to harness mood, tone, atmosphere into static forms occupying space. With that, much of her work is an interplay between boundaries, tensions, and dichotomies through colour, line, and texture. And more importantly, evoking the fine line between attraction and repulsion, beauty and ugliness, the anomalous and defined.  

Pam Su website link.


Laura Plant  

Fresh Talent Resident Artist Laura Plant’s practice as a designer focuses on the balance between beauty and function, material and process. Having grown up near the UK’s ceramic city, Stoke-on-Trent, she unreservedly expresses a passion for skilful ceramic design. 

Plant designs every object with function, shape and surface in mind. Using function and form as a vehicle, she gives opportunity for experimental glazes, techniques and technologies to highlight the subtle, unique and entrancing qualities found in clay. A playful love of shape evolves into elegant forms with a quiet confidence that balance design, craftsmanship and beauty. 

Laura Plant website link.



This event is taking place in-person at BCB’s festival hub, The Goods Yards, and online via a private livestream.



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The Weekend Artist Talks are proudly run as part of creative business support programme Factory. Factory is a partnership between Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce, Staffordshire University, British Ceramics Biennial and ACAVA. The programme is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Follow this link for more information about other opportunities and workshops run through Factory.