BCB 2021 Artist Talks: Cleo Mussi

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Originally recored 9th November 2021

During BCB 2021, Creative Producer Rhiannon Ewing-James sat down with Cleo Mussi, one of the many talented artists exhibiting in the biennial. Through these talks, artists shared in-depth and behind the scenes stories about how it was creating work during 2021, their careers as artists, their greatest inspirations and the artwork they created especially for BCB 2021.


About the Artist – Cleo Mussi

AWARD exhibitor, British Ceramics Biennial 2021

Cleo Mussi’s life size figures are ‘quietly intense, strikingly thoughtful, urgent yet reserved, wrestling with the grand themes of human existence in an impressive gallery of evolution that is both an exquisite collection of intricate and vibrant characters as well as a thought-provoking commentary on our post-modern predicament.’ The mosaic narrative is reconstructed from traditional tableware, the inherent qualities forms, patterns and glazes, gleaned from the last two hundred years of British ceramic industry. Pieces from late 18th century sit side by side with patterns from the 1960’s and into the 21st century. In Mussi’s work for BCB2021, art meets science whilst exploring taxonomy, tribe, leaf and clay, all served up with the Mussi trade mark humour and wry observation.

Cleo Mussi website link


With thanks to BCB Festival Assistants James and Connor for their support with filming.