BCB 2021 Artist Talks: Pam Su

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This talk was originally recorded on 18 September 2021.

During BCB 2021, Creative Producer Rhiannon Ewing-James sat down with Pam Su, one of the many talented artists exhibiting in the biennial. Through these talks, artists shared in-depth and behind the scenes stories about how it was creating work during 2021, their careers as artists, their greatest inspirations and the artwork they created especially for BCB 2021.


About the Artist – Pam Su

Awarded Fresh Talent Resident Artist, British Ceramics Biennial 2021

Fresh Talent Resident Artist Pam Su is an American artist working in sculptural ceramics based in London. Su draws from her background in film studies and attempts to harness mood, tone, atmosphere into static forms occupying space. With that, much of her work is an interplay between boundaries, tensions, and dichotomies through colour, line, and texture. And more importantly, evoking the fine line between attraction and repulsion, beauty and ugliness, the anomalous and defined.

See more of Pam Su’s work.


With thanks to BCB Festival Assistants James and Connor for their support with filming.