Awarded Commission 2023

Istoriato: culture and conflict by Stephen Dixon 

For his Awarded commission, Stephen Dixon has continued to examine the history of tin-glazed earthenware which inspired The Ship of Dreams and Nightmares, the work that he exhibited at the 2021 Biennial. Recently he has used digital transfer printing technology. This has allowed him to develop ceramic tile panels on an architectural scale.

To develop this work, he has researched the architectural use of maiolica in Italy. He is particularly inspired by the tiled altarpieces of 15th Century Italian sculptor Luca Della Robbia and by the form and symbolism of ‘bacini murati’, which are Islamic bowls set into the facades of Romanesque churches in Tuscany and Liguria These tin-glazed bowls came to Italy in the 11th Century, because of trade and conquest around the Mediterranean. They represented a ceramic technology unavailable to Italian potters at the time.

For the British Ceramics Biennial, Steve presents a large allegorical tile panel, which builds on his research to examine the connection between culture and conflict across history and into our own troubled times.




Winner of the British Ceramics Biennial 2021 Award, Stephen Dixon returns in 2023 to present his new body of work Istoriato: culture and conflict

Selected from an open call of over 160 artists, Stephen saw his work chosen from the 10 Award artists on display at the exhibition to win the award. The award included a prize of £5,000 and a commission for the British Ceramics Biennial 2023. The winner was chosen by the Award selection panel and the decision was based on excellence, innovation and creative ambition.




The 2023 British Ceramics Biennial has now ended. Thank you to everyone who showed support by visiting, attending events and sharing your experiences on social media.

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