Recast at All Saints Church

The Recast film

We will be presenting a film by Thomas Payton-Greene which captures the British Ceramics Biennial’s ongoing programme Recast, which combines creativity, addiction recovery and clay. The film is of Recast participants during a recent residency at Spode Works. Featuring firsthand accounts from the recovery artists, the British Ceramics Biennial Associate Artists, as well as those that work behind-the-scenes on the project; the film conveys the power of the programme as part of a wider drug and alcohol addiction recovery journey. The film conveys the power that clay and creativity can play in an addiction recovery journey.



About the Recast programme

The Recast programme combines creativity, addiction recovery and clay. It is a collaboration between British Ceramics Biennial and Stoke Recovery Service that has been running since 2017. Each week, members of the service take part in weekly clay workshops led by a British Ceramics Biennial Associate Artist. These occur in 8-week blocks at Stoke Recovery Service HQ. Following these weekly workshops, members of the groups are invited to spend four days on an artist residency at Spode Works. This work is then celebrated and shared at public events and exhibitions. 




The 2023 British Ceramics Biennial has now ended. Thank you to everyone who showed support by visiting, attending events and sharing your experiences on social media.




Recast has funding from The Rayne Foundation and The Community Foundation for Staffordshire.

The British Ceramics Biennial Associate Artists supporting the project are Zeba Imam, Cath Ralph and Sarah Fraser.


Learn more about the Recast programme.

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